The development in telecommunication technologies and infrastructure, is now giving local and international corporations an opportunity to outsource their own IS requirements, thus enabling them to focus on their core businesses and also save write my essay for me write me an essay high cost of IS operations.

BareelaWeb Technologies is today geared up to take up this challenge and cater to such customer requirements. These services include simple applications over the networks or investing in equipment, software, customization, and skills resource at customer premises or off customer sites.

Consultancy in the field of information technology.Following are the various types of consultancy services we can offer to our customers:

Corporate Strategic IT Planning
MIS Planning and Designing
IT Implementation and Administrative Processes
IT Human Resource Management Proces
Our computer learning centres form an integral part of our company in providing a meaningful education system that offers best value for money to its students. Specifically we are going into offering short-term IT courses with a maximum time span of one year. The curriculum would include introductory and advanced level diploma courses with courseware so designed that the students complete requirements for major computer certification examinations like those offered by Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Lotus etc, in stages during their diploma. We would also work to get these courses recognized locally as well as on write my essay for me write me an essay international level by setting affiliations with international market players such as and offering international standard quality education.

We plan to build institutes of repute and see them as centers of excellence in the IT industry. Only firm commitment and hard work would help us to achieve these worthy goals.