The Juniors will debut in the championship in March.

at Are, therefore, in a week, l ‘ last performance. Gasport

March 29, 2019 – Milan  Paolo Berlusconi, 69. Lapresse Paolo Berlusconi, 69. Lapresse The board of Monza in Serie C has appointed new president Paolo Berlusconi, after the resignation of Nicola Colombo.

A passage expected, after the transfer of ownership of their own last September from Colombo to Fininvest, with the arrival of Adriano Galliani with the position of Managing Director and Paolo Berlusconi, brother of former prime minister and president of AC Milan, in the board . In the board of directors, instead of Colombo, enters Leandro Cantamessa old lawyer Milan Berlusconi. “On behalf of the entire society, the teams and all employees and collaborators of the S.S. Monza in 1912 – said the club in a statement – the Council thanked Nicola Colombo for the commitment and the effort being made now bringing in professional football, as well as 1xbet results for their cooperation in facilitating the entrance shareholder Fininvest and l ‘ beginning of a new, important stage in the Club’s history. ” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

February 20, 2019 – MILAN From the outskirts of Milan a great history of sport and passion, which took its steps more than eighty years ago. The year was 1937, in Largo Boccioni was born the Caccialanza or one of the listed companies of the moment. “It ‘s kind in an old railway after work Enea”: to speak is Luigi Sardella, president and “soul” of the Milanese association.

Later there was his permanent move to number 91 Via Padova, one of the most difficult areas and multiethnic Milan, but much loved by celebrities and famous artists (like Malika Ayane, for example), that just as it drew inspiration. Athletes of the MP Filters Caccialanza Milan, top team of the Serie A RECORD Raffa At first the outer lanes, were later made (in ’70) it was decided to build the bowls. “Today, we have about three hundred members, including more than sixty of whom are athletes of different categories,” says the president. “We attend the High Level for six years.

We are the only company to have won all the championships consecutively, and in four years, starting from the first category “. The Caccialanza has a team of Serie A, one female and one juvenile. “That female was unfortunately eliminated from the Brothers of Italy in Varese, in the first phase of the championship. However, next year we will focus a lot on women’s sector, so much so that we have already contacted some very promising girls.

The Juniors will debut in the championship in March. ”  Luca Viscusi, young star of Caccialanza Milan Luca Viscusi, young star of Caccialanza Milan GREEN LINE And speaking of young people: “On the initiative of our sponsor, MP Filters, we have involved many young people, who now are training with our Marco Luraghi “. The Caccialanza cares about the youth movement: “The children are supported in everything: in fact there sinceriamo that are followed both in their competitive path, and in the school. The best students will receive, finally, a small scholarship from the company. ” Team vice-champion of Italy in office (though the championship had already arrived in 2017), is currently the undisputed leader of the second round of Serie A. So far no company has managed to do best: seven wins and two draws, undefeated.

A roster of awesome gear, just days before the tenth round of the championship, shift that could prove decisive for the play-off: if you win against the Nicolis Museum Vigasio-Villafranca (second with nine points behind) and a draw simultaneously between Cagliari and CDM Termosolar Vallefoglia, the MP filters Caccialanza it would ensure a place in the final. Gianluca Formicone, star of the Milan football great Caccialanza The pink available to the company technician, Dario Bracchi, is probably the best there is on the square.

Among the “magnificent” is right to count the champion Gianluca Formicone (that last weekend he crossed the finish line of the two hundred and seventy national victories), the champions Mark and Paul Luraghi, Luca Viscusi, Peter Zovadelli and the young Francesco Cappa. Formicone and Viscusi are coming, among others, to leave for Argentina’s World. Backed (also away) by a large group of passionate fans, the Caccialanza aims at big target: their second championship in its history. Francesco Servadio

March 24, 2019 – Rome Francesco Totti, 42 years. Lapresse From the field to the sponsors: after he had fun in China to a tournament glories and legends, where he went accompanied by his family, Francesco Totti continues to be increasingly central in Rome. And so Wednesday will be present along with the rest of the leadership in Doha for a few meetings with sponsors.

Already last year, Totti attend the same type of event in Italy, in Madonna di Campiglio, this time Roma will do the bigger things, and no more of the old number 10 may represent it in the world. And being a guarantee, especially in such a sensitive time, between the stadium and the field, in the club. Totti, sublime spoon. And opponents …

THE APPOINTMENT – The event, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, is called “Together AS Roma”, and provides for a workshop to which they invited the premium partner of the Giallorossi. The working group will be attended ad Fienga, Cro (Chief Revenue Officer) Calvo, vice president Baldissoni and, indeed, Totti and Roma to serve to illustrate the strategies and the results achieved in trade with the various companies that have linked its brand to companies Trigoria and beyond. Some of the meetings scheduled in Doha, the headquarters of the Qatar Airways (which on this occasion will be represented by CEO Al Baker), will be dedicated to the production of media content that has grown over the years, along with a number of initiatives – including social – which helped to increase the visibility and positioning of the brand on the market. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Chiara Zucchelli

March 23, 2019 – Milan Christian Panucci. AFP It lasted a little less than two years the adventure of Christian Panucci on Albania’s bench. This morning the Albanian Football Federation has announced the exemption of the coach after the home defeat last night against Turkey (0-2) in the first match of the group H of the European Championship qualifiers in 2020. The Federation has announced that on Monday, Andorra, the national team will be led by Ervin Bulku and Sulejman Mema.

Panucci, in July 2017, had replaced the resigning Gianni De Biasi. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

August 17, 2018 – Milan, Mattia Destro, 27, Bologna striker. Ansa Sampdoria veers decided Mattia Destro. You striker Bologna the great goal of Sabatini in the last hour market: it can arrive on loan with the right of redemption, to figures certainly not prohibitive, and its features are integrated with those of the other strikers already in Pink (Quagliarella, Kownacki and Defrel).

Destro is back from a few seasons certainly not exciting, but still has a major curriculum: 201 matches in Serie A and 66 goals. At 27, the former striker of Rome and Milan look at another opportunity to re-launch. It can get today. Serie A, the top 11 Market: Ronaldo paired with Higuain Gasport

August 9, 2016 – Barcelona (Spain) Football and video games. A marriage that has lasted a quarter century. And we are not referring to the many digital incarnations of “the beautiful game” (those are much older: the first football game dates back to 1977), as the numerous sponsorships from game makers in favor of the most prestigious football clubs of the world.

SERIE A – Even our Serie A, moreover, has not been immune to the lure of the joystick, and many remember with affection the Nintendo logo to make a fine show on the old jersey Fiorentina’s Gabriel Batistuta. Besides “pecunia non olet”, and that the video game is now one of the most healthy and prosperous industries in these times of economic conditions; This will be to have convinced the Barcelona Luis Enrique to accept the rich three-year sponsorship contract from Konami, the Japanese giant video game and producer of the famous football series Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)? exclusive – in fact there’s more: PES, in fact, contend for years to FIFA from EA Sports Palm of best football game; a contest that was fought not only in technical terms, even barrel exclusive: exclusive on endorsements, on exclusive commentary, exclusive on the teams, the players and on the stages.