Whatsapp Business Promoter Marketing Software


1. Generates numbers as much as you want
2. Number filter(Whatsapp Non Whatsapp)
3. Whatsapp Group contacts Grabber
4. Automatically add +92 or any country code before each number
5. Generate the message sending log report
6. Import, export and save messages
7. Export, Import numbers from excel, notepad files
8. Add users & manage accounts
9. Support multiple aps from multiple mobile numbers at the same time
10. Send video, audio, text or image for advertisement
11. Control Delay between sending messages in setting
12. Possibility of sending multiple same messages with little change
13. Users can use virtual numbers for whatsapp login
14. Use Android Simulator for whats accounts
15. Download from mobile play store whatsapp business messenger
16. Send unlimited messages by using virtual numbers with multiple accounts.
17. Multi PC License

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